About us

Parfum X

Parfum X was founded in 2008 as a business specializing in the supply and distribution of branded perfumes and cosmetics to a local clientele in Bucharest, Romania.

During 2008-2010, Parfum X was developed by building an online platform and building a network of customers nationwide.

Parfum X has increased significantly during this period by building a base of suppliers in the UK on the same level as retail chains which supply them-self from famous houses of prestige fragrances and beauty products and distribute them to the national market.

The success of Parfum X initially came through to be able to provide these goods at competitive prices and by their variety, at that time all luxury goods sold totalized approximately the number of 6000 products in the offer, and also through distribution to county level (villages and small towns boutiques).

After 2010 Parfum X could not provide both reliability and continuity of supply from logistical considerations (european law on the carriage of liquids with alcohol concentration of inflammable substances), considering that distribution was made to the final customer and had to be on time (shipment was done then by air).

To this day these qualities that define the Parfum X remain fundamental and reopened its doors in 2015 this time to continue to provide the same high level of customer satisfaction, quality and the pleasant feeling of wearing the “liquids scents” at european level.

We are always open to make new partners and to maintain the business line through a prompt and long time lasting collaboration.