Dunhill Fragrance


Alfred Dunhill is a British design house specializing in clothing, luxury goods and accessories for men.

The business began when Alfred Dunhill then only 21, took over the leather business from his father’s in 1893.

The car was a new and exciting piece of technology being developed at the time, and Dunhill opened a shop of leather car accessories. The first offerings were made to the car lamps, board clocks, leather coats, goggles and other accessories for drivers.

In 1907, another business transformation occurred when Dunhill opened a tobacco shop, followed in 1910 by own factory of smoking pipes. Pipes business was distinguished by their trademark “White Spot”. Tobacco businesses have proven more successful for the company and allowed the expansion with stores in Paris and New York.

Dunhill was the first company to develop a lighter that could be used with one hand. A special edition of lighters was produced by Dunhill for James Bond film, “Dr. No. ”

Dunhill started, also to manufacture their own brands of cigarettes in 1963.

Dunhill fragrance, like other products of the brand are designed to house male consumer. The company produced only one female fragrance “Desire”.

The first fragrance for men was offered in 1934, “Dunhill for Men”.