Quality Fragrances

Imitation perfumes are easy to produce and there is a huge market for them, but not the same quality or smell like an authentic perfume.

Here are some good reasons to prefer our quality:

Perfumers use a mixture of flavors derived from natural products and synthetic products. Cheap perfumes tend to be completely synthetic and thus are deprived of quality and depth of the original perfumes.

Authentic fragrances have three layers: top, middle and base notes. This complexity ensure that the smell is varied and multi-dimensional, allowing the odor to change from the initial application until complete absorption of the skin. Fake perfumes will have a single layer of perfume, one dimension and will not smell after a short period of time.

An imitation perfume will smell like initially, but you will usually find that authentic perfumes will last longer than “imitators” in terms of their longevity and efficiency, which gives them a better long-term value.

A real perfume will accumulate bubbles on fast movement of the bottle and will disappear after 20 seconds, while on false perfumes bubbles appear instantly at the first slight movement.

A genuine perfume is always clear, no sediment or discoloration unusual.

Cardboard packaging is made of real high quality, does not have any excess glue or tape, grammatical errors and the bar code is placed on the lower portion of the back and not on the sides.

To check, you can check the manufacturer, batch and serial numbers.

The original perfumes have good quality glass containers while imitation perfumes have often tougher and usually poorly made glass containers.

Quality perfume bottle has a tight lid, which is resistant to spillage.

Glass is part of the designer perfume label and must be perfect as the fragrance itself.